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Last updated: March 2, 2024 - Discord Community

Linear Fox Document & Whitepaper

This introductory paper was published in 2023 by Nathan Fargo, the founder of Linear Fox. It is a technical document describing the Linear Fox project and its goals.
We keep this document in our records because it remains a valuable point of reference, providing an accurate depiction of Linear Fox and its overarching vision. For up-to-date information on the latest advancements concerning Linear Fox and the process involved in implementing changes, we strongly suggest consulting this comprehensive guide.


Linear Fox is a unified platform designed for researchers, developers, and tech enthusiasts to connect and collaborate. It serves as a centralized hub, enabling users to upload and share research papers, projects, ideas, and code implementations with a global community. By providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Linear Fox offers a streamlined alternative to traditional research publishing platforms.

At its core, Linear Fox is motivated by the goal of advancing technology and facilitating development. The platform promotes integration with diverse tools and technologies through open APIs, encouraging innovation and empowering developers and researchers to push the limits of what is possible in the realm of technology..


Linear Fox was founded in 2022 by Nathan Fargo (Anonymous), a software engineer and indie developer. The project was originally conceived as a Github / Gitlab CI/CD & DevOps alternative platform, but it has since evolved into a unified platform for community researchers, developers, and tech enthusiasts to connect and collaborating.

Future Plans and Expansion

As we move forward, our vision for Linear Fox encompasses several exciting plans and expansions. We are committed to continuously enhancing our existing services and products, while also venturing into new domains to meet the evolving needs of the technological landscape.
  • Research Publication Platform: We are developing a comprehensive research publication platform that will provide researchers with a seamless and user-friendly interface to upload, share, and access research papers, technical documents, and related materials. This platform will promote open collaboration, knowledge exchange, and community-driven innovation.
  • Developer-Focused Services: In the near future, we plan to launch a DevOps platform. At right now its just a plan, but we hope one day linearfox account & research publication platform will be a one-stop solution for developers and researchers.
  • Expansion of AI Capabilities: We are committed to advancing the capabilities of our AI platform by exploring emerging technologies, such as reinforcement learning, generative models, and explainable AI. Through continuous research and development, we aim to improve the performance, interpretability, and ethical implications of our AI systems.

How Research Publication Platform Works

The research site within Linear Fox is designed to provide researchers with a dedicated platform to upload, share, and access research documents, projects, and ideas. Here's an overview of how the research site works:

  1. Connect to Linear Fox Account
  2. Upload and management of research documents in various - formats, including PDF, LaTeX, and more
  3. Categorization of documents by subject area
  4. Collaborative authorship for research documents
  5. History of document submissions and revisions
  6. Ability to upload document thumbnails

In March 2023, we announced plans to make Linear Fox Research side will be open-source, but due to unforeseen circumstances, those plans have been canceled.

Code Collab [DevOps] Platform

As of today's date, March 2, 2024, we are still in the planning phase for this project. We have set a timeline of two years for the release of the codecollab alpha version, referred to by the code name #codefox. In order to achieve this goal, we need to learn a great deal and create numerous prototypes.

This project seeks to create a secure platform enabling developers to collaborate on software via a peer-to-peer network built on Git. Core functionality and public-key cryptography for secure access, this platform intends to revolutionize the way developers share, collaborate, and maintain the integrity and privacy of their code.

In #CodeFox or Code Collab, developers will have access to an execution environment that allows them to run code directly on our servers. This feature aims to enhance the collaborative experience by providing a shared platform where developers can test and demonstrate their code without needing individual setup.

AI Tests

In the realm of artificial intelligence, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. While we acknowledge that we are currently only scratching the surface, we are driven by the desire to bring new advancements and breakthroughs to the field. Although we may not have groundbreaking developments to present at this moment, we remain optimistic that this situation will change in the future.

This technology is hard that there are no guarantees that we will continue this project. like: AVS - Audio Visual Synthesis AI Project

AI Test publications

  1. AVS - Audio Visual Synthesis
  2. - Partial finished github repository [Public Archive] - View Repo
  3. Image Synthesis for Data Augmentation
  4. - PDF Reasearch Paper - View Paper

Other Projects

Sometimes we work on other projects, generally these projects are not always related to Linear Fox.

  1. LK-99 Superconductor Simulation and Analysis - Github Repo
  2. GenET (Genome Editing Toolkit) - Github Repo

What account system actually is?

Linear Fox Account is a unified account system that enables users to access all of our services and products with a single account. It is designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, while also ensuring the security and privacy of our users.